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  • Atrašanās vieta Rīga
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For more than 40 years, EUROSTAT has been a producer of its own raw materials. This enables us to be the owner of patented innovative materials. These materials are the result of internal development and collaboration with research facilities and partners worldwide.  Our own Production includes complete processing of: material selection, toolmaking, design, prototypes, test validation and mass production. This enables us to fully satisfy our customers’ needs.


  • Extrusion Machines
  • CNC machines for tool making.
  • Vacuum molding machines in a clean room environment
  • Dimensions and thicker materials: from 0.6mm up to 6.0mm

Outer dimensions up to 1200x800mm

  • Optical control on a patented line to guarantee

all product parts. Our production units are

Equipped with a patented Automatic Optical

Inspection (patent N. FR 15/58305) which guarantees

quality control over the mat on all surfaces. (Option)

  • Duplicated manufacturing sites Poland and France

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