English Teacher (938 skatījumi)

24. oktobris, 2019


Dear Students!

If there – somewhere are great, warm-hearted, fun people who would wish to learn and to share our very special method how to teach kids from ages 3-6, then please, be brave and knock on the LITLLE MORE door.

We will support your love to be an English Teacher for the young learners!
It’s the coolest job out there – 100%! Why?
You: stay young, become wiser, always creative and polish your sense of humor.
Even more: you laugh and move every day, rest your eyes and body from your PC and phone, have a great chance to create your own company in the near future with the help of professionals in this field!
All you need is: TO WANT and Knowledge of English and Latvian languages!

Please write: info.littlemore@gmail.com
Please call what’s up:+2196785155

DARBA DEVĒJA Reģistrācijas Nr.: 40003840568