Managing Director & Partner

We’re looking for the adult in the room to take this serious funny business to the next level. You don’t have to be a comedian or even like to tell jokes. What we’re looking for is someone who can take a well-established brand with a loyal following to new heights.

About us

Comedy Latvia is not just one thing. We are a collective of first-generation comedians that have been defining the Latvian stand-up comedy scene since 2013. We organize international comedy shows in Riga for the biggest names in comedy like Dylan Moran, Jimmy Carr, Bill Burr, Daniel Sloss, etc. And we’re also the producers of some of the most entertaining marketing content for big brands like Jameson, Cesu alus, Wolt, CSDD, etc.

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  • Atrašanās vieta Rīga
  • Reģistrācijas numurs 40103843522
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