VIDEO EDITOR (344 skatījumi)

27. februāris, 2018

“Take Your Career To The Next Level By Joining One Of The Most Successful Startups In Latvia – And Help Millions Of People Take Stunning Photos With The iPhone!”

We help people take better photos with their iPhone. And more recently – with their big digital cameras too. Our goal is to be the best photography learning resource in the world.
And we are well on our way. We are already the world’s number 1 photography online resource (in terms of sales). But we don’t plan on stopping there…

We want to bring joy to people’s lives by inspiring and empowering them to create beautiful photos.
Regardless of your role in the company, your work will help millions of people appreciate the beauty in the world around them.

Imagine collaborating with some of the smartest and most passionate people in the world. Learning from the freshest and most innovative ideas in business and technology. Having the freedom to do great work without management getting in your way.
All in a fun and positive way while routinely breaking our own performance records.

High-quality video editing takes a lot of time, and currently, we’re much faster at recording videos than we are at editing, which is why we’re looking for a full-time video editor. You’ll be working in our video team to edit high production value video tutorials featuring world-class photography experts, beautiful scenes and plenty of B-roll!

Besides technical video editing, you’ll also get to collaborate with our experts to make sure that the content of our tutorials makes sense, so we expect you to make decisions about what goes in and what stays out of the final edited videos (based on material that’s available to you).

And best of all, many of your videos will be seen by millions of people on Facebook and other social platforms, so your work will have a huge impact on people all around the world!

So, we want to work with you if…

  • You’re highly experienced with Adobe Premiere
  • You have experience with After Effects (or similar)
  • You know how to edit sound using Audition (or similar)
  • You have excellent English (all our videos are in English)

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